torsdag 30 augusti 2012

What is a good judge and what is a bad judge?

Denna artikel hittade jag på facebook, skriven av Juha Kares (Jag har ställt Viggo för honom o han gav Viggo Cert) Tycker att artikeln är bra så jag kopierar den hit. It is not really about who is winning and and who is not. Everybody has right to own decisions. Winners may and should vary. Winners do not have to be the same in every show. About the same may be – but not the same. Main thing is to follow own knowledge and own heart only. Own true developing experience about living dogs is important. I feel breeding and showing experience is requires in some degree. I believe social skills are more important than we often realize. Most of all there should be love towards pedigree dogs. What makes a good judge? Here I represent few categories of bad and good judges and something between the road. BAD JUDGES Burn-out cases Bad judge is rude and hard handed. Unfortunately we have too many of those. These judges are often tired and often have judged too much. This leads to negative attitude. The inspiration is gone. Everybody can see it usually but not the judge him/herself. They just keep going being rude and I really do not understand committees keep asking them to judge even if many handlers and dogs can sense the bad treatment. Often they keep going because they have always done so. Sometimes they became judges as they were kennel politically important persons some where around the globe. Some of them even look very aggressive and you are almost afraid to step in their ring. They can be quite good judges but socially they kill the feeling. Ego-trippers For this group the whole thing is not really about pedigree dogs anymore but it is about him/herself. Main thing is not the beautiful dog but it is the about the judge. These people are often very arrogant in the ring. Ego-trippers love their winners and hate the rest – unfortunately handlers and dogs can feel it. Hotels and dinners are more important than the dogs. Travelling is important and being seen in so many places and photos as possible is very meaningful. It is not really anymore about dogs, may be one day it was but not anymore. For them it is about the judge. Most important is me, me and me. I have to be a judge These people often have been breeders for quite a while or kennel politics. Therefore everyone expected them to be judges. They often are nice people. They are usually political. They have not managed to see the bigger picture. It is about their kind of people and their type of dogs. Inspiration toward judging is not great. They just do it because they were suppose to do so. Often they do not have much to offer. Judging is without inspiration and talent. They do not develop their know-how as they think breeding, showing him/herself is enough. Often they do not judge enough. They tend to support people from their own kind and different kind of thinking is a really bad. Often new people are nothing even if they would have the best dog. This group is somewhat grey and there is lack of creativity and inspiration. As they learned their breeds from their mentors it was the right thing. They love to follow someone. They never questioned that picture. They just keep following the line without developing themselves. Often some breeder-judges are found from this group. SOMEWHERE BETWEEN Happy go lucky This group is about having some natural talent and love. They do love dogs and people. It is always a pleasure to go in their rings as the feeling is there. They usually love some breeds more than others and are better judges with some breeds and less so with some other breeds. These people are usually charming and treat dogs and people equally well. Sometimes they can go with a stream and follow the fashion bit too easily. Making the decision comes from the heart by the feeling and logical reason is sometimes less important. However they do respect pedigree dogs and people a lot. They do judge well but the logical line is sometimes hard to find. These people have usually lot to offer for beginners as they are very supportive. Somehow this group is much needed among judges as they do keep the spirit up and judges most of the cases all right. People find these judges usually very charming. Just doing my job… They are like bureaucrats doing their job. There is not lot of imagination, there is not lot of creativity it is more like a sure bet. Winners are usually older dogs with known credits. It is very risky to put up a junior or young unknown dog. They love obvious faults as it makes the work easier. These judges usually do not make major faults. They love faces – it gives secure feeling. These people usually dress well and behave nicely. There is not big feelings but everything goes smoothly without surprises. These are good judges to have offering security and safeness to all of us. They do their job not more and not less. GOOD JUDGES: Passionate pedigree dog lovers Pedigree dogs, breeding and judging is all connected. They know what this all is about. They have given their life to this hobby. They loved or still truly love dogs. It is all about dogs. It is all about ambition and inspiration. You can sense the inspiration in the ring. They can do their own thing but this all comes from the bottom of their heart. They can talk and/or write about dogs as they have thought about this all carefully. Usually they study the breeds carefully and they do have their own vision. Many of them are positive in the ring as they love show scene and pedigree dogs. Some are less positive but they still have true knowledge and opinion to offer. You can sense that they take this hobby seriously and there is nothing wrong with that. Talented specialist One breed or couple breeds has full filled this persons life. I love this kind of passion. They do know the pedigrees, lines and dogs inside out. Often their prefix is well known among the breed fanciers. They have they own very strong vision about how things are. They do follow their hearth and line year after year and no fashion or other persons make their head go round. They do take often judging very seriously and many of these people do not judge whole lot and therefore the occasions they do judge is worth the effort. Sometimes small details can take over but that is specialist right. Often these people are higly respected in their breed/breeds. They are stubborn people and sometimes we hate them for that and sometimes we love them for that. But they are what they are. I think one of the greatest judges ever is Mr. Hans Lehtinen. I feel he is passionate pedigree dog lover. He loves what he is doing and he has been doing that over decades. He do follow his own hearth and has studied and seen it all. Here he is awarding BIS to our Multi BIS Int Ch Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice. Sometimes he has not liked some of my top winners at all but this does not make a difference. Other way around. As often I have learned more about these dogs myself even if it hurts at times. Posted by Juha Kares on aug 24, 2012 in uncategorized

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